SHATTER ME Series: My Experience

So I’m pretty much addicted to rereading. A lot of people don’t enjoy it because they get bored or they feel like they have to spend all of their time on unread books, but I love it. I think a lot of it is because I have such a bad memory when it comes to reading (or anything in life, frankly), so sometimes when I reread, it’s just like I’m reading the book for the first time.

The SHATTER ME series is no exception. I read the first three books (as well as the two novellas), back in 2015 and 2016, so I was scared that I wouldn’t like them as much the second time. Here’s my experience while rereading them, to prepare for RESTORE ME, which comes out in just a few weeks!

SHATTER ME: I gave this book three stars when I first read it in 2014, but four years later, I gave it four stars. I for some reason didn’t find Juliette as annoying this time like I did the first.

First time rating: 3/5

Reread rating: 4/5


DESTORY ME: I usually don’t care for novellas, but I think that this book is detrimental for the SHATTER ME experience. This is Warner’s backstory and this is the point where most people start to love him. I believe I gave it four stars the first time, and I gave it four stars this time. I did find this one to be a bit long winded for a novella, but I enjoyed the rereading experience overall.

First time rating: 4/5

Reread rating: 4/5


UNRAVEL ME: I honestly…don’t know how I feel about this one. I still gave it four stars like I did the first time I read it, but I found myself getting bored throughout the book and it took me about two weeks to get through the audio (which hardly happens for me), but I’m 99.9% positive that I was just in a funk. Still love this one!

First time rating: 4/5

Reread rating: 4/5


FRACTURE ME: Oh Adam….you dick. Like DESTORY ME, this is when readers typically start to feel the opposite about the main character of the novella. Adam was pretty well loved by me until this novella, which is where my hatred began. I gave it four stars the first time, but ended up giving it three stars this time. I found it to be extremely repetitive because the first half is mostly just the last few of UNRAVEL ME in Adam’s POV, which I found unnecessary.

First time rating: 4/5

Reread rating: 3/5


IGNITE ME: When I first read this, I was so sad that this (then trilogy) was over, but I was so happy that this (the finale) was so well done. I got to see all of my favorite characters in action, and I loved seeing their character growth. This time around, I still REALLY enjoyed it. I just loved seeing Juliette becoming the woman that she is meant to be, and I absolutely loved it.

First time rating: 5/5

Reread rating: 5/5


Now we will get onto my predictions for RESTORE ME. I will most likely have another blog post up, about my thoughts on the entire series as a whole, once the series finally finishes. See ya in three years!


RESTORE ME Predictions

(This portion will obviously have spoilers for the SHATTER ME series)

  • Kenji is QUEER: This has to happen. He’s the bisexual legend that we don’t deserve.
  • Juliette will get a girlfriend: No, not in a romantic sense (although, that would be cool), but Juliette will get a friend that she can girl talk with and be able to relate to on a feminine level. This chick deserves a friend in her life.
  • James will come more into his powers: I was SO mad when there was hardly any development on this plot point. James is one of my favorites from the series, and I can see him becoming a essential role in the crew.
  • Adam and Warner brotherly bonding time: I know that we all hate Adam, but I know that there’s going to be at least one scene where they *attempt* to bond.
  • Adam’s redemption: I used to always say that Adam will never be redeemed for what he’s done, but now, I honestly wouldn’t mind it. I can see Adam falling in love with someone else (maybe kenji? lol jk) towards the end of the series, and that person could bring the best out of him.
  • Juliette’s parents: In IGNITE ME, Juliette mentioned that she never wants to see her parents again, but I can definitely see this happening in the final three in the series, and I have a feeling that maybe she has a younger sibling now??

xx Dylan

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