Anthologies That I Want to Happen

Anthologies are kind of hit or miss for me, but I absolutely love the concept of them. These are some themes of anthologies that I’d like to see happen!


  • Pride Festival – I think that this would be a great release for pride month one year. I’m thinking of a collection of short stories of the point of view of queer teens who all go to the same festival, and maybe meet up at the end? Sounds like an easy way to plug in some own voices, as well! WeNeedDiverseBooks….pick this up!
  • Book birthdays – Every short story is about a fictionalised author on the day that their debut book comes out. How inspiring does that sound?
  • NaNoWrimo – Each story follows the character, sometime in NaNoWrimo. Also sounds inspiring to me!
  • An Airplane – Each story follows a character whose on the same airplane as everyone else, and maybe it crashes?? Survival anthology??
  • A concert – A great opportunity to teach how music can bring all different types of people together.
  • Graduation – Would they all be graduating from the same school? Maybe different ones across the world? Who knows!


Even though I have TONS of other ideas, but  this will be it for now. Let me know if these are crazy ideas, or if these sound fun to you!

xx Dylan

I talk about books in the video form here: 

I take mediocre pictures here:

I talk about all my bookish feels here:

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