The future of this blog..

Hey y’all! This is my second try at a “comeback”. Early September, I wrote a post on my “New Beginnings”, in which I talked about a new start to this blog, and pretty much just everything that has to do with me being a creator in general.

Almost four months later, and I still haven’t posted on here on a consistent schedule. I mean, I even bought my own domain in hopes it would motivate to actually use this blog. While I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon, I’m making a commitment to write on here more after December. I’ll *hopefully* be graduated prior to the new year, so I will definitely have more time to write, if I can even figure out WHAT to write.

That being said, please let me know what kind of blog posts you’d like to see from me. I do have a booktube channel, which is where I’ll be frequenting the most, so I’d prefer to keep certain things on there, but I hope to create something just for my blog.

This is only farewell for a month or so, or at least I hope.

xx Dylan

I talk about books in the video form here:

I take mediocre pictures here:

I talk about all my bookish feels here:

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