Q&A With Stacey Marie Brown!!

Last week while on my cruise, I read City in Embers  by Stacey and I LOVED it. I read it in a day and it’s just such an amazing and addictive story. I’m currently reading the sequel and I’m also loving it, maybe even better than the first.

Once I post my review you can find that here.

So I decided to ask the author a few questions and I’m here today to give you those answers! 

1) Have you always wanted to be an author? If not, what else did you think you would be doing as an adult?

I have an interesting background. I always wrote, but never thought about it as a career. I was an actress in LA for a while. I loved being on sets, the creating of worlds fascinated me. But after 7 years, Los Angeles had broken me. I went abroad for five years, traveling and exploring the world. I discovered I really loved design and architecture. I came back to the states and went to school for interior design. While I was doing that, I started to write my first book Darkness of Light. I don’t remember what made me decide I wanted to try to publish, but once I did…I knew…it was like everything I did led me here. Actually, acting, design, and writing are not that different from each other. All about creating worlds. And they all have inspired the way I write. My brain sees everything like a movie. Fully developed characters, spaces, and situations. 


If I ever stopped writing, then I’d go back to design or work with animals. 

2) Tell me about being an indie author. How different was the experience if you were to be published traditionally?

Going traditional, I would have a lot less control over my books like covers and possibly characters or endings. It’s a lot of work to self publish, but I wouldn’t trade my journey to where I am for anything. But I would also love to experience the other side too. My goal is to go hybrid. Both indie and traditionally published.

3) Who has been your favorite character to write about in your Collectors series?

Though I loved them all, I have to say Sprig. He would wake me up laughing in the middle of the night. He never felt like he was just a character. Sometimes I have to remind myself he’s not real!
4) If you could be best friends with any of the characters in the collectors series who would it be?

Again probably Sprig! I think everyone needs a narcoleptic, ADD, honey-addicted, talking, monkey for their best friend. Besides him, I probably would love to hang out with Croygen!

5) Did anyone in your life influence your characters?

In my Darkness Series, there are two pixies I based off real people, but other than that the characters come to me, tell me their names, their traits, what they look like. 

6) Whats next for you?

I just released West, which is a character from my Darkness Series. The Darkness and Collector series are linked. They are set in the same world and what happens to Zoey and Ryker stems from Darkness of Light.  Currently I am writing the second book in the Lightness Saga (another character in the Darkness Series people wanted to know more about).

The more you read, the more you will see these two series will collide.
Stacey’s Links
SHE TWEETS ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/S_MarieBrown
SHE POSTS PICTURES ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/staceymariebrown/
SHE DOES ALL THE BOOKISH THINGS ON GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6938728.Stacey_Marie_Brown
SHE PUTS HER FACE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SMBauthorpage
SHE DOES ALL THE BORING PROFESSIONAL STUFF ON HER WEBSITE: http://staceymariebrown.com/index.html

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