Author Q&A with Susin Nielson!

I had the opportunity to interview Susin Nielson, author of We Are All Made of Molecules, one of my favorite books of the year so I jumped at the chance of course. It is such an amazing story and I’d recommend it to anyone interested.

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1) Was there a certain instance that happened that made you come up with the idea of We Are All Made of Molecules or was it just something that came about over a period of time?

I don’t remember the exact moment I had the idea, but I’d already explored the fallout of divorce in a previous novel (“Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom”) and doing a book about a blended family seemed like a natural progression. It all comes from events in my own life; my parents divorced shortly after I was born, Dad remarried soon afterward, I have half-siblings – then, years later, my mom remarried, to a man who has four kids. I remember selfishly thinking, “Thank God I’m already out of the house, because I would have run away!” The thought of suddenly having to share my space, and my mom, with FOUR other kids – it was a truly nightmarish thought!

2) Did you always plan to write the book in a dual perspective format?

Yes. I knew I wanted it from two different points of view, both the kids who are in some ways “forced” into this situation – it is something that is beyond their control.

3) The book dealt with some really serious topics, did you have any hesitation including these topics in the book?

No, never. I just tend to go where the story takes me. I didn’t actually know it would take me to the party, for example, until I was deep into writing it, but it felt right.

4) Which character was your favorite to write about?

I honestly liked writing both of them. Stewart is the one I’d want at my dinner table (sorry Ashley), but I loved exploring the mean girl, too, and fining out more of what made her tick – and of course her malapropisms were fun.

5) How would you feel seeing We Are All Made of Molecules on the big screen?
I would love it!


6) What’s next for you?

My new book is coming out in February 2017. It’s called “Optimists Die First.” The Kirkus and SLJ reviews JUST came out yesterday, starred reviews, which is awesome.

Check out Optimists Die First here!

Add Molecules to your Goodreads here

Buy it here


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