Lately, I’ve felt a disconnect with the blogging community. I don’t think that this has anything to do with the community itself, I’ve just been busy with booktube. I began my booktube channel earlier this year and honestly, I’ve enjoyed that experience a lot more than blogging. But I think that’s because I’ve never gave blogging my all.

I’ve recently revamped my blog (as you can hopefully tell), and I am making the decision to make my blog a bigger priority. I can’t promise how often I WILL post, but I’m hoping that I’ll post here at least every other week.

One of my issues with blogging is that I’m not sure what to post on here, and what to post on my booktube, so I’ve decided that since I HATE doing reviews in the video format, this blog will mostly consist of reviews (mostly book reviews, but I might review a movie every now and then).

Well, that’s it for now! I apologize for not posting as much as I’d like, but I hope to fix that in the future!

xx Dylan


My 2017 TBR

I’ve never been someone to follow through a tbr just because knowing that I have to read a book just makes my brain not want to read it. But this is something that I want to change in this next year, so I’ve made a list of books I NEED to read in 2017 and I figured if I shared this list online publicly, it would keep me accountable-also so you guys could yell at me if I don’t at least try to cross a few of these off of the list. Continue reading

Q&A With Stacey Marie Brown!!

Last week while on my cruise, I read City in Embers  by Stacey and I LOVED it. I read it in a day and it’s just such an amazing and addictive story. I’m currently reading the sequel and I’m also loving it, maybe even better than the first.

Once I post my review you can find that here.

So I decided to ask the author a few questions and I’m here today to give you those answers!  Continue reading